Know about the insurance coverage for cosmetic dentistry!

Though cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity all over the world, it is surrounded by uncertainty and questions. Certain people connect it with Hollywood dentists and fake smiles while some people may think that it is expensive to fix their chipped tooth. Continue reading this post to know about cosmetic dentistry and the possibilities of dental insurance. We have also explained the procedures and more here in brief.

Cosmetic dentistry involves the utilization of dental procedures and treatments to enhance the look of the mouth and teeth. In simple words, cosmetic dentistry deals with personal likings and not health issues. Certain dental procedures are performed to rectify an existing health problem and correct the appearance. Such procedures help in correcting alignment, shape, arrangement, or color.

Insurance plans:

Certain insurance plans do not offer coverage for cosmetic procedures and most do not include teeth bleaching or whitening. If there is coverage, then it may have higher deductibles and premiums since they are premium plans. Ensure to check with insurance companies that provide dental insurance packages. Read their terms and conditions and also their payment plans. It is best to go for insurance only if you find it convincing.

Nowadays, most dentists are offering convenient payment plans. It means you can pay for the treatment on installment or utilize the discounts. For example, if you sign up as a member of a dental clinic, you can get discounts of about 30% to 50%. So, check with your dentist about the convenient payment plans before approaching an insurance provider.

What procedures come under cosmetics?

Bonding: The dentist utilizes a compound resin material to restore chipped or broken teeth and develop the crooked teeth edges to make it look straighter. A similar material will be utilized to fill cavities. As it will be visually appealing, several insurance companies do not cover the cost. Moreover, it is also invisible, and when you want to repair a chip or scratch, it mergers with other teeth.

Teeth bleaching or whitening: It is mostly recommended when the patient requests for a whiter and brighter smile. It is performed to reduce discoloration and staining or simply enhance the teeth according to personal preferences. There are several options involved in teeth whitening procedures like in-office bleaching or less expensive options such as toothpaste, strips, gels, and whitening trays. All these come under a complete cosmetic dental procedure.

Tooth caps: It is also referred to as crowns and it is necessary when the exposed portion of the teeth remains damaged however the roots remain structurally sound. Several things can damage the tooth’s surface like an old filling, tooth decay, an improper bite, aging, and grinding. By including a cap above the damaged tooth, the tooth can obtain strength and durability. Crowns are considered cosmetic at times if the patient is utilizing to cover the unshapely tooth or make it appear nicer. However, they are not cosmetic when open space has to be covered after the root canal procedure.

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